Clearly something had gotten through my defences and managed to get me....
The game has changed! The slightest sniffles has corporate running for the hills and you, like always, are left out to dry! unpaid, unloved and infected. This simply will not stand.
I know it’s not Covid, it’s just a cold, but with all these new rules to help keep us safe I still managed to get sick... this is worrying and hit me even harder in my head space.
I’m feeling pumped this week to get through it and have some fun, there is just one BIG difference this week...
Not only had my stamina taken a beating this week but I’m rocking a major cold. All of that means nothing compared to the headache I get when thinking of 10 days unpaid sick leave! That shiz hits me hard in my head and my heart.
Obviously I’m no newb, I keep a face mask and hand sanitizer fully stock in my inventory at all time.
Walking in the Pit with (what must have looked like the plague to Corporate)was not the best plan I’ve had this year. The big cheese laid down some big rules... fast! Get out, get home, bet bested and don’t come back unless your well!!! This to me sounded like one very simple thing... a QUEST! IT IS ON!
In the post-lockdown, new-normal, socially distancing world of today the rules have changed. No more dragging yourself into the Pit every day regardless of any missing limbs or even the fact that a zombie might have a better complexion than you, HELL NO!
QUEST: Get a COVID test, FAST! Or it’s ten days self isolation unpaid
Needless to say I bolted out of the Pit faster then a DeLorean trying to escape Libyans!.... let’s see if you can do 90! I was pulling some series’s speed and already googling the info on my Pipboy to book into a Covid test centre! Closet to me had a booking in 60 minutes.... but I was 90mins away from a car! Crap!! I expanded my search for test centres... BINGO! Found one a few miles away in two house! The plan is on!