S is for Santa Dash!
Liverpool Santa Dash! 5000 Santa’s run 5k dresses in Red and Blue Santa suets! It’s so much fun and all the money raised goes to charity. The Liverpool Santa Dash is a massive attraction each year and runners come from all over the county to participate in this epic fun run. I have taken part twice now. Each year my mate Becki and I meet-up outside the Three Graces in our stylish Santa getup. Becki is an avid runner and has a couple of marathons and a heap of 5 and 10k runs under her Santa belt. I on the other hand eat an entire pizza to myself last night.... so not in the best shape. This year I managed to crawl out of bed after our shops Christmas Night out! I also managed to get myself to the city on time. RESULT! Most runner where stretching and hydrating even through it was ice cold.... I on the other hand was sipping on my Americano I swiped from Mann Island Social. YUMMY. People think running is a solitary affair, but it’s not. Becki and I have the best time talking and taking photos of all the Santa dogs running around. If your interested in doing a fun run your local area most lightly hold them, so google it!!! If your in the Liverpool area defiantly get involved and signup! (Links up top)