An enthusiastic and influential people person with a talent for thinking outside of the box. As a dyslexic, I have a lifetime of approaching tasks from a ‘certain point of view’ to deliver creative solutions to meet every situation. Being a natural leader has lead to my success at operating a customer focused business for almost a decade.
* I spent my 20s studying the arts and media. six years earning my GNVQ, BTEC and degree in the arts, photography philosophy and media and the last for working freelance as a photographer... only to have it go tits-up.
* Ive spend my 30s trying to keek afloat in a world turned upside down due to 911, a recession and now even a pandemic. * Keeping a steady job and crafting my skills with people has been something to focus on and develop over time. * Over those years I learnt many new thing! in new places and different business! The job May chance but the people done, one thing I do really well is manage people.
* Don't swim to down streets when a city has been flooded. Trust me, besides being very dangerous your body will go into shock FAST!
* Don't climb a ladder in a raging storm after you locked you and your housemate out of the house! Not even if your housemate makes you!
* Getting involved in a gang street fight is a bad idea at the best of times... especially when Wearing slippers and a dressing gown. Plus when the police left my cup of tea was cold.
* I’ve undertaken many self development workshops and courses over the years to push myself out of my comfort zone and learn new skills. * qualifying as a master coach from the John Haynes coaching academy was one of the most rewarding and mind expanding programs I have ever been on. A real treat.... I even took the program twice.
* I’ve over 15 years management experience operating business of all sizes: small, large, Independent and multinational. * 20 years training, developing and shaping teams and Individuals.
Finally out of all my experiences the one I have ground to value and cherished the most is see people leave my employment to further their own careers. Helping individuals along their own path is massively rewarding.