Day 58 of lockdown. Im just back from my morning run. It’s hard to remember the day to day life those days or even get the motivation to do things. The first store in my area opened today. I see us all being called back in the next few weeks. Time to get ready and also make the most of the time off.
Last last night I got some bad news that my long time friend Becki (or B as I’ve come to call her) had lost her job in lockdown and has to move city’s. I first met B when we moved into a shared house for 8 “young professionals” way back in 2012. B lived above me in a small room with hard floors as such I always heard her phone hit the floor constantly. A shared love of Mexican food, Harry Potter and stying inside the house made us great friends from day one. We stayed mates even she moved houses and I left the city. B was meant to move to Canada this year to start a new life in the great white north and was even coming to my wedding in June.... but like most things covid-19 destroyed her dream along with my wedding.