Now I’ve tried these two different types of 360 platforms Monmento360 and Insta360. They are just like Instagram... but for 360 (durr).
I’ve taken this camera around the world, on holidays, to work and to the shops!! just for a bit of fun... now I’m left with loads and loads of 360 images that don’t seem to be a supported format on any mainstream social media site.
Click this green link to view this post on the Insta360 website.
I’m want to understand how to use and deliver better photos and video using the 360 degree format.
I’ve converted one of the posts into a video. It’s slow rotate around the 360 image and then turns it into a “tiny planet”.
This one is a looping 8 second video... good, just not long enough.
So I’m going to try and use this web space to post them, link them or do some coding magic that makes them easy to view... somehow.
I have a 360 camera made by Insta360 that click to my iPhone 7. The Insta360 Nano is an older model that heats up fast, but it still makes amazing images. It can be used with or without the phone and has its own power supply and memory (micro SD card).
Click this green link to view this post on the Momento360 website.
This is the entire video... buts only 10 seconds long and doesn’t loop!