Clearly this is the page your already on! The main page! The home page.... swipe right for daily posts.
My character sheet! Bag of holding and quest journal. Find out all you need to know.
This scary looking guy is the “worry monster” and he is just one of the memory monsters that come at me on a daily basis. He comes to me early in the morning to make me worry about the things I can’t control in life. Fending him off with a swift attack is key! Finally I created this website to help manage tye worries on my life, help me learning new things in a fun way, pushing myself to do something and also...
The unknown area is devoted to pages that are being created and do not have a home.
collecting items, level up, meeting new characters and even fighting are essential parts of RPGs and yes they will all be here!... and don’t forget NPCs, bad guys and monsters!
Although my social feeds are also at the top of this page, it’s always good to keep them together.
My health on the other hand shows how I’m doing heath wise... get a cold and it’s -10... break a leg -50... die... well... game over.
Welcome to blogging with a twit... life as a Role Playing Game! The daily grind isn’t the most exciting thing to blog about... but turn it into a RPG and suddenly everything takes on a hole new meaning!
Like in most RPGs we has stats that show what I’m good at! Every post that involves one of these states will increase its number! I go to the gym my stamina get a +1, read a book wisdom gets +1... you get it.
Meet my avatar, ME (but with muscles). The daily grind wont be as Boring when battling monsters in the supermarket and being hounded by a god like demon... my boss.
Do you want to know more about me, my life and the stuff I have done.