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Everybody try’s to hide there alt side. Here is a littler bit of mine...
Spending a decade working for people How can’t do their job properly has opened my eyes to What’s really important at on a career.
A homeless Thief once punched me in the head after I chaced him across the city... he stole a pan in and some mini muffins.
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* I spent six years earning my GNVQ, BTEC and degree in the arts, photography philosophy and media!
* You may think spending 6 years of my young life learning may have been a-little excessive. * Over those years I learnt many new thing! in new places! with him new people! It was a life experience I’ll never forget.
* Don't swim to down streets when a city has been flooded.
* Don't climb a ladder in a raging storm after you locked you and your housemate out of the house!
* Street fighting is a bad idea when Wearing slippers and a dressing gown!
* I’ve undertaken many self development workshops and courses over the years....
....qualifying as a master coach from the John Haynes coaching academy was one of the most rewarding and mind expanding programs I have ever been on. A real treat.
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* I’ve over 10 years management experience operating business both small, large, Independence and multinationals. * 10 years training, developing and shaping teams and Individuals to deliver there very best potential! * But from all of this my most valuable and cherished qualification has been seeing people leave my employment to further there own careers.